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10 Poblacion Makati Spots Where You Can Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

While it was the infamous Burgos red light district that put it on the map, Poblacion Makati has definitely come a long way from its seedy beginnings. Those who frequent the area have nicknamed it “Williamsburgos,” after Brooklyn’s hipster capital. A fitting name, considering the outcropping of establishments that cater to all manner of hipster proclivities: latte art, jukebox music, multicultural cuisine, locally brewed craft beer, and everything in-between.
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How to climb a tree

Make sure the forgetting is thorough. Do it carelessly and you will find yourself paralyzed and panicking from halfway up this tourist attraction of a tree, which will be about a hundred feet up, but will look more like a thousand feet in your terrified eyes.
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On Hostels

When you're trying to sleep to the sound of squeaking bed springs and heavy breathing that eventually turns into moaning from the bunk next to yours, you will wish you booked a private room. When you're trying to shit in a bathroom with ten other people puttering about, you will wonder why you hadn't.
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Inside the Antipolo 'Tahanan' of craftsman Benji Reyes

Artist, furniture designer, and craftsman Benji Reyes has become famous for his world-renowned bendable chairs and inspiring furniture, but it is his earth-friendly, naturalistic house up in the mists of Antipolo that truly astounds. GMA News Online took off their slippers to take a tour through a home built with green in mind and taken to heart. .
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How to wear a sari

Wear a sari with the understanding that it is more than a piece of cloth, but a piece of history.
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Hijab-wearing news anchor a first on PHL national TV

The sight in August of a hijab-clad news anchor on national TV should not have come as a surprise. Muslims in traditional head garb, after all, have long been visible even in predominantly Christian cities all over the Philippines. . But none had ever before appeared presenting the news to a nationwide audience.
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Inside an Indian palace

How could one go to India and not see the white marble monument that’s sprawled on all their tourist ads, figuring so greatly in their heritage that it’s become almost a byword for the country itself?
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Falling in love with Chai in India

As I boiled the water and milk, threw in cinnamon bark and crushed cardamom pods, strained the liquid and waited for the black tea to steep, I felt strangely nervous. What if my mother didn’t like the Chai that I had loved so much?
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The cool and kooky Clara C

Korean-American singer Clara Chung used to have only 11 followers on YouTube, but now she has millions. The soulful singer recently gave Manila a taste of her music live, to the delight of her fans.
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Here’s An Easy Five-Day Palawan Itinerary For First-timers

Palawan is the province that keeps on giving. No matter how many endless summers you spent in the Southern Tagalog island, you’ll always want to see more. It is, after all, home to more blue lagoons, limestone cliffs, secret waterfalls, diving spots, and unspoiled beaches than any self-respecting beach bum could ever attempt to see in one lifetime.

Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Go Green In 2017

Here’s a suggestion for a new year’s resolution: go green. Living sustainably and being kinder to the environment has never been more important than it is today. With the effects of climate change being declared irreversible, more and more animals becoming endangered (including polar bears and elephants!)

Masbate's Cowboy Festival: Pinoy and wildly western at the same time

For the people of Masbate, the Philippines' version of cattle country with a cattle population numbering over 54,000 scattered in 20 to 30 ranches, it’s not unusual for locals to grow up learning to ride horses and herd cattle. And, naturally, the biggest event of the year for Masbateños is the Rodeo festival.
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